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Hdg Concrete Self Tapping Undercut Bolt For Concrete Fixing

Short Description:

Hex head, zinc plated,blue-white color.

Csk heaf, zinc plated, yellow color.

Hex head,zinc plated, yellow color.

Csk head,HDG plated, white color.

Hex head, HDG plated, white color.

Hex head, HDG plated, white color.

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Product Description

Gusen galvanized concrete self tapping undercut bolt, super high performance bolt anchor, used for  permanent fastening and temporary fastening in concrete, fast efficiency, requires less drilling and operation than traditional anchor bolt.

Application :cracked and non-cracked concrete.

Concrete screws are hardened screws with a flange lead. As it is screwed into the concrete it creates its own undercut by tapping the concrete hole. The cutting and locking mechanism enables the anchor to be used in close spacing and edge distance applications.

Also used  as masonry screws, concrete screws cut their own threads when work on the  concrete, block, or marble. Concrete screws can be used to fix  wood, metal, concrete or other materials.

concrete screw anchor for professionals with superior corrosion resistance.

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Product Details

Suitable for concrete or cracked concrete

Fast curing, easy installation

High temperature resistance

Small deformation after-slow

High adhesive force

Suitable for cracked concrete

1,Suitable for

Crack concrete/concrete C20/25-C50/60.
Ceiling and roofing.
Crack concreteC12/15
Natural marble/stone.
Solid bricks.

2,Fixing for

Handrail ventilating pipe
Wall curtain wood structure
Window/door metal profiles
Ladder mechanical device

3,Suitable for

Concrete /light concrete/solid bricks/honeycomb bricks/natural stone/concrete bricks/sand bricks

Install step

1, drill
2, clean
4, finish

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